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Big cities, car theft and automobile insurance quotes

If you're a car owner living in a big city you know that there are many perils you may face on a daily basis. Starting with a higher risk of collisions because of the heavy traffic to accidents on agglomerated parking lots, driving a car in a densely populated area isn't always the most convenient thing. That's exactly why the ratio of car owners to the overall population is among the lowest in New York, the most crowded place in the United States. But besides the abovementioned risks there is also one peril that seems to plague city dwellers the most - car theft.

Although there was a serious decline in car theft in the recent couple of years, the number of stolen vehicles in the USA on a yearly basis is slightly below one million. Whether a simple joyride or long-planned heist, car theft delivers significant losses to car owners that account for more than five billion dollars every year. Of course, many car owners who live in places with higher theft rates prefer to keep their vehicles insured against such situations. However, because the insurance companies are for-profit organizations that always optimize their costs, the expenses of covering stolen vehicles is ultimately spread among insurance users in the form of higher automobile insurance quotes. Some experts say that the share of costs resulting from car theft claims accounts for about 25% of the overall insurance rate the customer is charged with. So in the end it's the customer who is paying for the loss, not the insurance company.

Sure, it looks and feels unfair, but that's how things go in the insurance business and you can't change that. However, there are things that you can actually change for the better and get lower automobile insurance quotes even if living in an area with high theft rates. The solution is pretty simple: you have to make your car less prone to theft and prove it to your provider. Sounds easy, but is it as simple to implement?

First thing you have to do is check the list of cars being stolen the most. This list usually varies from state to state and even by specific locations. So make sure to find the statistics for the place you live and see if your car model makes part of it. If yes, then the best solution would be simply switching it to a model that is not as popular among car thieves. Otherwise you'll be getting higher automobile insurance quotes no matter what measures you take to secure your vehicle.

Security is another important aspect of making your car less prone to theft, burglary and joyriding. And there are a lot of things you can do about it. Start with simple precaution measures such as checking whether all the doors and windows are locked before leaving the vehicle on the parking lot. Having a secure parking or garage is a huge advantage, but it's not that easy to find things like that in a big city. If you're forced to keep your car in an open space, try at least to keep it in an illuminated area with people passing it occasionally. Thieves always target cars that are easy to access and hard to notice in the process of break in. So by exposing your car you will make it less attractive for the thief. With these simple measures in check, go further to equip your car with all sorts of security features you can afford. From simple steering wheel bars to sophisticated ignitions systems, digital locks and immobilizers, the market of security features is vast. The more things you get - the better, but be sure to keep the expenses at a reasonable level. When you have all the improvements installed in your car and with all the paperwork in place - inform your insurer and you will certainly get better automobile insurance quotes for making your car less prone to theft.

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