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Car types and automobile insurance quotes

In case that every time you get automobile insurance quotes to renew your policy is like walking the thin line between costly and too expensive then something isn't right. Sure, during the past decade insurance rates have always been on the rise thanks to increasing salaries, medical bills and repair costs. But if you always find that your insurance costs are too much to bear, it simply means that you didn't make the right choice in the first place. It's all about the car you drive and depending on its type insurance rates can range from quite affordable to are-you-out-of-your-mind expensive. So maybe you have to think about changing your car to minimize the impact of insurance costs over your budget? Here's a little guide to the types of cars and their insurance properties explained in brief:

Small city cars

The rapidly growing group of small cars, most of which are fitted for large urban areas with their hectic traffic and lack of parking space, looks very attractive at first. Small size, low gas mileage and overall convenience are nice for sure. But in terms of insurance having such a car may be a bit costly. And not because of engine volume, top speed or theft rates - these are all irrelevantly small with such vehicles. The main problem with small cars is their low mass that results in serious damage and injuries during collision with another vehicle. In a situation when a small car is hit by a large SUV the small-sized vehicle can be totally ruined while the SUV only gets some scratches and bends. To make things even worse, small cars, especially the cheaper ones usually don't have many safety features packed into them. That's why liability payouts with small cars are rather high and it can be costly to insure them.

Medium sized sedans and hatchbacks

Probably the most crowded type of vehicles includes a wide range of cars from dozens of manufacturers. The statistics for each model can differ, but in general medium sized vehicles weid the optimal balance between size, safety features, theft rates engine volume and other factors that grants them the best automobile insurance quotes. Still, this will largely depend on the particular model, so you will have to shop around a lot to get the best vehicle of this type. But it's usually worth the effort since you'll get a good car that is cheap to insure.

SUVs and minivans

Larger vehicles typically feature great safety and security measures and tend to sustain little damage as well cause little injuries to the people inside of them. However, due to their larger mass and engine volume, such vehicles usually deliver a lot of damage to the other party involved in the collision, whether a car, person or element of infrastructure. It's the opposite of the small vehicle situation, but it still results in higher liability payouts. So it's usually more expensive to insure a large vehicle.

Sports and muscle cars

If you're a fan of power and speed make sure to have enough money not only for the ride but for its insurance as well. Cars with high tops speed, large engine volume and a general feel that may provoke high speed driving in their owners, are among the most expensive to insure. Such cars usually end up in the worst of accidents because they are driven at high speed, thus the high automobile insurance quotes people get for them.

Exclusive and luxury vehicles

If you can afford a luxury car that costs over $100K you probably can afford expensive insurance as well. But it's usually not because the car itself is costly. Luxury vehicles are typically made out of special materials and have very expensive spare parts, so the costs or repairing them are very high. Add the overall attractiveness for car thieves, and you get a general idea why expensive vehicles are also expensive in terms of insurance.

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