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Automobile insurance quotes for classic vehicles

Having a classic or vintage car is certainly a great achievement and a moment of pride for the owner. The interest towards such vehicles is on a steady rise in the recent years with more and more enthusiasts joining this informal club. Some drivers are fascinated by the power and feel of the classic cars from the 60s and 70s. Others enjoy history and find it fun to explore the various technologies used in the cars from the 20s and 40s. And for some people this hobby has turned into a source of revenue as they collect unique vehicles and put them on display or sell them to other collectors. But no matter the motivation it's the feel of history that makes classic and vintage vehicles so attractive. But what about insuring them? Do you need insurance for such a car? And if yes, what automobile insurance do you get for it?

Of course, you need insurance to drive just any type of vehicle, classic cars included. Just because the car is older than the rest of the vehicles in traffic doesn't make it collision proof. Classic and vintage cars may end up in accidents, although this happens not that often because there are simply not so many cars of this type on the road. Still, if such a car crashes, it will need insurance to pay for the costs. And that's where the peculiarities of older vehicles kick in, making typical car insurance totally irrelevant.

With typical insurance policies you usually get coverage based on the actual market cost of the vehicle. Besides, for any repairs the insurer addresses a repair shop that is proficient in repairing modern vehicles. Now take a typical classic car from the 70s (not to mention any older collectibles): its current market value is near zero because of the depreciation throughout the years and it's very likely that the repair shop won't be able to repair it right either because they don't have the right parts or skills to do the job. As a result, a conventional insurance policy will pay you an increasingly small amount of collision or comprehensive coverage while the quality of repair won't be as expected. Sure, classic and vintage cars have a huge collectible value to them, but this doesn't bother conventional insurance providers as they deal with conventional cars. So what's the solution?

There are actually two solutions available for those looking for automobile insurance quotes to insure their classic vehicle. First, there are the so-called specialized policies offered by many insurance companies that let you tailor the coverage with respect to the special status of the vehicle. Such policies usually cost more than conventional coverage packages but in return you get full coverage of the collectible aspect of the vehicle and specialized service. The downside is that there are certain restrictions involved. Some insurers limit the amount of miles allowed during the year. Others impose strict requirements on storing the vehicle. Still, if you only use your collectible vehicle to drive on Sundays or take it to the fair every now and then, these restrictions won't have a significant impact. The other option is insuring with local classic and vintage car owner clubs. A growing number of such clubs are introducing insurance services for their members that aim at satisfying their coverage needs with a personal approach. The number of customers is usually quote low so you'll get pretty high automobile insurance quotes. But you can rest assured that the quality of any services will be top notch because they will be provided by enthusiasts just like you.

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