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What coverage options to get automobile insurance quotes for?

When it comes to assessing one's insurance costs, it always boils down to the amounts and types of coverage a policy should carry. It's evident that the choice of coverage plays an essential role in determining automobile insurance quotes and ultimate premiums. So choosing wisely can actually result in substantial savings on automobile insurance. But how do you determine which coverage type to get and which to leave behind? On paper, every coverage option looks really useful. But understanding the essence of each coverage type is crucial for making the right decisions. If you feel uncertain about certain coverage options, the following coverage guide will hopefully bring a resolve to your doubts and help to find the best package possible:

Third party liability

This is the essential part of the policy and the actual mandatory part of it you have to carry. It covers the damage to property and people's injuries delivered to another party at your fault. There are minimum requirements regarding the amount of this coverage in every state, so pay attention when choosing the amount while quoting.


Collision coverage settles the losses sustained in the course of a collision either with another vehicle or object (pole, fence, etc.) regardless of who's at fault in the situation. This option will certainly result in higher automobile insurance quotes but it's really worth it since it will cover you in virtually any collision event.


This option is often paired with collision coverage as its concept is somewhat complimentary to the latter. Comprehensive coverage covers the damage your vehicle sustains in circumstances other than collision, which usually include fire, theft, burglary, storm, lightning, vandalism, earthquake, flood and other perils. The set of such risks may vary from company to company, so make sure to inquire when getting automobile insurance quotes.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Uninsured drivers represent a serious peril as they don't have the third party liability coverage to pay you in case they hit you. But it's not a problem when you have uninsured motorist coverage that acts like it's the other party's insurance policy covering your losses. It's certainly useful to have such coverage if you live in an area where driving without insurance is common.

Personal injury protection

This option covers medical expenses and funeral costs to all the people in the insured vehicle regardless of who's at fault in the accident. Sometimes it replaces health insurance of the passenger if they have it, but getting covered by both is impossible – you have to choose a single source of coverage.


Guaranteed auto protection is a very useful option if you have financed your vehicle. Due to depreciation the coverage you get from your policy is usually lower than the amount of money you still owe, because it's the market value of the vehicle that is taken into account. As a result, the customer has to cover the difference between the outstanding amount and the sum they get from the insurer out of own pocket. With GAP coverage you don't need to pay anything on your own.

Roadside assistance

This is a very useful option for those who tend to drive a lot and may require assistance every now and then. Instead of calling a separate service you can call your insurer with this option included to get assistance in case of breakdown or turnover.

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