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Customized cars and automobile insurance quotes

Having a cool customized vehicle has become a major fad during the last decade. Numerous TV shows have popularized this phenomenon and made it look very cool to turn standard vehicles into unique cars that sometimes can even be called works of art. No matter the attitude you have towards customizing vehicles, there's no denying the fact that it's a popular thing. Just look around you in traffic - there will always be a car that is changed somehow, and the extent of such changes can range from a simple paint job to complete vehicle overhaul. Still, when looking for ways to customize own vehicle, people often overlook the hidden costs of it, which usually include insurance. If you're thinking about turning your standard vehicle into something new and unique you will have to pay attention to the insurance aspect as well if you don't want to lose a lot of money in specific situations. But what's wrong with custom vehicles? Doesn't the company automatically adjust the coverage if a car gets customized?

The simple answer is no. Insurance providers don't keep track of the changes you make to your vehicle unless you inform them. Moreover, vehicle customization may be the cause for the company to deny your claim in case of an accident. The catch is that insurance companies always deal with risks and they are crazy about calculating them. When you get your automobile insurance quotes for a car that's not customized yet, the insurer assigns it with a specific risk rating. But after you've overhauled the ride by installing new wheels, a costly stereo system and tweaked the engine, its risk rating is changed because it may become more expensive to cover or more attractive for car thieves. So if the company finds out about the customization after you've filed the claim they can simply deny you explaining their decision with the fact that you've changed the risk rating of the car without notifying them. And that's a big mistake that can be avoided by simply informing your provider about the customization right after doing it and adjusting your coverage respectively.

The risk of being denied by the insurer is only a part of the whole story. Another problem for customized vehicle owners is the lack of proper repair solutions. When the insurer sends your car to the repair shop all the damaged parts are replaced with OEM spare parts, which is specified in the insurance contract. But if you've overhauled the vehicle by installing custom or exclusive parts don't expect the repair shop to reinstall the very same parts if they're damaged. Your car will get the same standard parts no matter what blows and whistles you've introduced to your vehicle. And wouldn't it be lame to have a car that's partially customized and partially fit with standard equipment? In order to avoid situations like these you will have to make an inventory of all custom parts you've introduced to your vehicle and negotiate with the insurer that they will be replaced with the same parts in case of an accident. Sure, it will usually get you higher automobile insurance quotes, but that's the additional price you have to pay for riding a cool customized vehicle.

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