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Lowering automobile insurance quotes with discounts

For many drivers auto insurance is something they feel obliged to deal with. The mandatory status of this insurance as well as the constantly growing rates make a lot of people forget about the whole purpose of having their cars insured. People simply see it as another tax they have to pay. And it's a tax that can get a good chunk of your budget. In order to prevent this from happening without minimizing your coverage options you will have to optimize your costs effectively. And one of the most effective ways to do it is to take advantage of discounts.

Discounts are available with nearly all insurance providers, even if they don't openly advertise them. In most cases discounts are used to reward loyal or low risk customers and make them want to stay with the same company for a longer period of time. The extent of each discount and specific requirements may vary significantly. However, the essence and overall criteria tend to be the same with all insurers. Here are the most common discounts that will get you lower automobile insurance quotes in the first place and help keep your costs at a reasonable level:

Multiple car

Having two or more cars in the household is nothing strange in the US, especially in the suburbs. And if you choose to get a single policy for all your cars it will always turn out to be cheaper than separate policies for each vehicle because of this discount.

Multiple policy

Companies offering automobile insurance quotes often provide other types of insurance as well. So if you choose to get your car insured with the same company you already have health or house insurance, then your rates will be reduced to an extent.

No claims

Having no claims for a lengthy period of time can give you very nice rates. The only thing is that the period is usually at least 3 years and you have to keep the same policy with the same provider in order to opt for such a discount.

Good student

Insurers love responsible customers, and when it comes to teens the most obvious factor of their seriousness is how good they are at school or college. Students keeping an average of B or better can opt for discounts with most providers after providing a copy of their grade report.

Low mileage

The less you drive the safer you are - that's the logic behind this particular discount. If your yearly mileage doesn't exceed a certain amount (10,000 miles with most insurers) then you can easily opt for a discount even when getting your automobile insurance quotes.

Senior driver

Senior drivers aged over 65 tend to get very high rates because of their health conditions that make them risky drivers. However, in order to minimize the financial impact of higher rates the majority of insurers offer good discounts to help out the older car owners.

Improved security

The more your vehicle is vulnerable to theft or burglary the more you will pay for insurance. So if you take steps to make it less prone to such things by installing additional equipment such as alarms, immobilizers, digital locks and others, your company will give you a discount once you inform them.

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