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Automobile insurance quotes and age

When looking for automobile insurance quotes to compare you will surely observe that depending on the data you introduce in the quote form the resulting quote can vary a lot. That's because quotes are affected by many factors. Each of these factors is used by the insurance company to determine the risk associated with insuring a particular client. And sometimes looking at these variables you come to think that insurers sometimes apply discriminatory criteria to their calculations. Such is the situation with age, which is actually one of the most important factors for insurers after the car itself. Depending on the age of the driver the insurer can charge rates that can have a double or triple difference between them for exactly the same set of coverage. Does it mean that drivers of particular ages are better drivers? No. Does it has something to do with the statistics? Yes!

Insurers simply brake down all the claims they receive from customers and analyze those using different criteria, including that of the age. And after they see that a particular age group tends to file more claims than the others they classify it as a high risk and charge it respectively. Each age group is analyzed this way, that's why we always get different automobile insurance quotes compared to people of other ages.

The genera observation is that the youngest customers tend to get the highest rates, while middle aged car owners get the sweetest automobile insurance quotes out there. And insurers have all the statistical data to prove their right to do so.

Drivers aged under 25 tend to produce more accidents that have higher liability costs because such drivers lack the necessary driving experience and tend to make risky decisions. Does it mean that all teen drivers are reckless cannonballs hitting fences, polls and other cars for the fun of it? No. There are plenty of very good and responsible drivers aged under 25. But it's the situation when everyone has to pay up for that relatively small group that causes all the trouble. After the age of 25 things get much better. The average rates tend to take a downward slope and reach their minimum around the age of 45-55. That's because at this age most people tend to have plenty of driving experience and take less risk behind the wheel. Sure, there are daredevils and reckless drivers at this age period as well. But their number is too small to affect the general picture.

Things get a bit complicated when a driver reaches the senior age of 65. That's when the majority of insurers will abruptly increase their rates and will keep doing it as the person gets older. The main idea here is that older people cause a large number of accidents due to age-related conditions. The reaction speed is not the same and different health problems may affect their decisions while behind the wheel. That's why for some senior drivers automobile insurance quotes reach the levels of their teen peers. Still, many insurers prefer to compensate the financial impact of expensive premiums for the seniors by providing them with special discounts.

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