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Automobile insurance quotes and theft

Car theft is a major problem for big metropolitan areas all over the country. It is estimated that every 40 seconds a single car is being stolen. Imagine the number of those cars per year and compare it to the overall number of cars in the US. Yes, it looks pretty bad. Sure, the police are doing their job to fight crimes like that but are they that good at it. The rate of cars returned to their owners to the overall number of stolen cars is 50%. That means that if your car gets stolen the likelihood of getting it back is equal to not getting it at all. It may seem like the authorities are just being irresponsible with all the new technologies they have on their hands. But don't underestimate the thieves!

Long gone are the days of hijackers and joyriders who were stealing cars just for the fun of it, and whom it was very easy to catch in action. Today's car thieves are high class professionals working in gangs and making part of a huge underground market. If a car gets stolen it is very likely to be repainted and changed plates or broken down into parts within a few hours after the theft, so it's nearly impossible to track it down afterwards. Car theft is a huge multi-billion industry with organized crime gangs and huge network intermediaries. And all the money these people earn are ultimately taken out of car owners' pockets.

A recent study has shown that the costs related to reimbursing the value of stolen vehicles handled by insurance companies makes up a quarter of the premium they charge. The costs of every theft claim are distributed among the customers, and with every increase in theft rates we all get an increase in automobile insurance quotes. That's why insurance companies are very sensitive about cars that pose a great risk of theft.

If you happen to live in an area with high theft rates or own a car that is stolen more often than the others don't get desperate. There's still a way to get lower automobile insurance quotes. All you have to do is to make your car less prone to theft. It may sound complicated, but there's nothing complicated about it if you follow simple guidelines.

First of all, keep your car in a safe place instead of the roadside. Garage is a great option but it may be unavailable to some people. If you don't have a paid garage nearby, keeping your car in a well-lit area with people walking nearby is a good idea. Thieves prepare doing hasty operations where no one can see them, so make your car unattractive by making any theft attempts obvious. Locking your car is a must, and it's better that you double-check all the doors and windows before leaving your car on the parking lot. Even a slightly open window can allow the thief to break in. Moving on to more serious solutions, having an alarm system is good. It won't stop the thief but it will certainly stir up the situation and make him think twice before trying to steal your car. Steering wheel locks, immobilizers, engine blocks and digital keys are all a great solution if you can afford them. The more security features you fit into your vehicle the less attractive it looks for the thief. And if you notify the insurer about all the improvements you will certainly get attractive automobile insurance quotes or discounts.

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