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Tips for teens on automobile insurance quotes

Being a teen is great in many ways. You enjoy exploring the large world and get a share of more rights than responsibilities that makes your life so exciting. However, in certain circumstances being a teen isn't such a great thing. One of such aspects is automobile insurance.

When it comes to calculating automobile insurance quotes the vast majority of teen drivers aged between 16 and 25 get the highest rates possible, often reaching the double figure of what their parents pay for the same amount of coverage. This may certainly look unfair, but it's not just a way to piss off millions of young drivers as there's solid logic behind such a trend. Insurance companies deal with risks and if they are high they charge the highest rates to minimize their loss associated with such customers.

And when it comes to high risk there's nothing more dangerous on the road than a young driver who got his car the other day, doesn't know how to play it properly but had his share of Need for Speed gaming that makes him step on the gas to the limit. We all have been like that and we all have seen people like that. It's this very attitude and lack of necessary driving experience that grants teens the highest automobile insurance quotes possible. But the overall tendency doesn't mean that you can't take measures to minimize the impact.

Just because most teens tend to be reckless and risky drivers doesn't mean that you are too, right? And if this is right you will have to either prove the insurer that you are a responsible car owner or seek alternative ways to keep your insurance costs at bay.

The easiest and probably the most beneficial way to get a discount for auto insurance is being a good student at school or college. Yes, it may sound strange at first but there's some logic to it. Insurers believe that good students tend to be more responsible behind the wheel and they have the statistical data to back it up. So by having good grades (usually an average of B or higher) you can opt for the good student discount that will cut your automobile insurance quotes, killing two birds with one stone.

Still, for many students such a discount is not an option due to various factors. If you're one of those students, there are still alternative options for you to consider, although they involve certain sacrifices that have to be considered.

First of all, think about staying under your parents' policy if you have several cars in the household. Being a written driver in their policy will raise their premiums to an extent, but it will still be less expensive than having a separate policy for a teen. The drawbacks? First, you have to live in the same house with your parents, otherwise you can't be included to the policy. If you're studying away from home you can actually opt for a discount if your school or campus is located in at least 100 miles away from your home. But not all insurers have such a discount. And while being a written driver you can't get a no-claims discount on your own. So when you start off with your personal policy the no claims period before getting it won't be considered.

Another option for lower automobile insurance quotes is simply getting a cheaper car. Sure, teens are eager to show off their cars as peer pressure is usually very high during this age. But ask yourself, are you or your parents willing to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars just so that you can ride a fancy new vehicle? If it's just a way to move around for you start with a cheaper or used car until you have a lengthy enough no-claims period to opt for a respective discount and get cheaper insurance for a better car.

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